Jewel Post™ Award
Clear Silver Reflective Bottom

Jewel Post™ Award
Gold Reflective Bottom

Jewel Post™ Award
Blue Reflective Bottom

Acrylic Idea Factory Jewel Post Awards
Easy Stiq-Patent Pending
  • 1/2" Thick, Engravable Clear Acrylic
  • Award Plaque with Polished Bevels
  • Blue, Gold or Clear Silver
  • Reflective Bottom with EasySTIQ™
  • Self Adhesive
  • Black Acrylic/Mirrored Inset Base
  • with Pre-Assembled Posts
  • Available in Two Sizes

Jewel Post Award Thick Acrylic Post Awards

Overall Size Engravable Retail Price
Description Style No. (WxH) Area 1 2-24 25-99 100+
Jewel Post™ Award JPT-AN 7'' x 7'' x 2'' 3½'' x 5'' $66.68 $63.16 $61.41 $59.66 (P)
JPT-BN 7'' x 8'' x 2'' 3½'' x 6'' $70.17 $66.68 $64.90 $63.16 (P)

EasySTIQ™ - Self Adhesive Bottoms, no solvent glue needed for assembly. Engravable Clear Acrylic - Specify Blue, Gold or Clear Silver Reflective Bottom. Overall size includes base. All dimensions approximate. Additional art, setup, imprinting or engraving charges may apply.JPT, JPT-A, JPT-AN, JPT-AB, JPT-AS, JPT-AG, JPT-B, JPT-BS, JPT-BB, JPT-BG